PoliticsWe Won in Palatka. And We’re Just Getting Started.

August 9, 2020

On Saturday, August 8th, about 300 men and women—a coalition of various patriotic groups—successfully held their ground against a Black Lives Matter crowd seeking to take down the historic monument to fallen Confederate soldiers at the Putnam County Courthouse in Palatka, Florida.

The Black Lives Matter group, led by two local students but attended and supported by violence-inciting “pastor” Ron Rawls of St. Paul AME Church, was utterly crushed in its objective by the freedom fighters.

The BLM group originally wanted to demonstrate right at the courthouse at 4:00 p.m. But as word got out about the patriots’ gathering, and as the left-wing organizers realized they would be outnumbered by those who favor keeping the monument in place, BLM changed the location and time of their event at the last minute, holding it blocks away at 2:00 p.m.

This is now twice that North Florida patriots have stopped Black Lives Matter and its associate organizations dead in their tracks. On July 26, we did the same in St. Augustine, blocking them from even approaching the monument to fallen soldiers by turning out bigger numbers and getting there hours before their programmed demonstration.

By effectively cutting them off, we prevented them from any potential vandalism at the site of the statue and undermined the effectiveness of their rhetoric. It also eroded the common misconception that the support for their cause is more widespread than ours. Having bigger turnout than them completely blows that false narrative out of the water.

Our team was incredible. Some participants came from as far away as Georgia. And a wide variety of groups made up our coalition, from III%ers to Bikers for Trump to Oathkeepers and Proud Boys.

This is e pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

What we’re doing is historic. Palatka wasn’t just a rally. It wasn’t just a protest. It was the birth of something new.

Or, better said, the rebirth of something old—something that was lost for so long.

Our nation was founded by fighting men and women willing to put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line to combat tyranny and secure liberty for their families and posterity.

That has always been the American tradition. But somewhere along the line, we forgot about that.

Somewhere along the line, we started compromising. We started appeasing. We started twiddling our thumbs and complaining from the comfort of our living rooms while the other side burned down everything we love. We started giving them inch after inch in the hopes that they would just leave us alone to our jobs and families. 

But those days are over. Going an inch here and there will still take you to hell eventually. And we’re done giving in. Now we’re taking back—taking back everything they’ve taken from us and then some. 

This is a new generation. A new generation that knows you should never compromise, that knows you have to meet force with force. 

Look what they’re doing in Portland. In Seattle. In Minneapolis. In Chicago. 

To any of the left-wing anarchist losers from the other side reading this (and I know some of you are), get this into your heads: This isn’t any of those places. This is Florida. This is Trump country. And if you want to come over here and try that crap, we’ll show you what we’re made of.

But then, the Marxists already know and understand it. And they’re scared. That’s why they changed their meeting location and name at the last minute to avoid confronting us. Because they knew they couldn’t match us. Because they realize most people don’t agree with them and it’s finally starting to show.

We ran them off. They wanted to be at the courthouse wreaking havoc at that beautiful memorial, but they ran away like hens when they saw us coming.

It’s good that they’re afraid. Those who seek to destroy our heritage, our freedoms, and our way of life should be very, very afraid. And experience has now shown that they will usually get on their hind tails and run when actually confronted.

We’re not here looking for a fight. We’re not going after peaceful demonstrators. We respect everyone’s First Amendment rights. But don’t tread on us. You WILL regret it. 

The statue on the Palatka courthouse lawn is for all the good men—sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, schoolteachers, doctors, farmers, workers—who never came home from war. Who gave their lives for their community.

They were heroes, no matter what the other side says. They were, are, and always will be heroes. 

“Nor shall your glory be forgot while fame her record keeps.” That’s what it says on that monument. And their glory never shall be forgotten—not as long as we have breath to live and breath to fight.

by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida

Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 20