StatementVeterans Day: Luis Miguel Outlines Vax Mandate Protection for Military

November 11, 2021

Today, Veterans Day, we honor the heroism and sacrifice of the men and women who wear and have worn the uniform as members of our armed forces, defending the American people and the freedoms that make our nation great.

But how can we fully honor our retired and active duty military unless we are willing to stand for them at a time of unprecedented persecution against them?

Between the deliberate failure in Afghanistan that claimed the lives of 13 American troops and the continuous purging of conservative service members on the basis of Marxist indoctrination, the illegitimate Biden regime has demonstrated not only an apathy, but an open contempt for our military.

This contempt is most clearly seen in the White House’s disgraceful policy mandating members of the military to either get the experimental COVID-19 injection or be discharged and lose their well-earned benefits.

This strong-arming, intimidating, and bullying flies in the face of the respect owed to those who have put themselves in harm’s way for our sake—often enduring physical and emotional injuries in the process.

I call upon policy makers at the federal and state levels to take immediate action to protect members of our military against these compulsory vaccines. Amid the fight for medical freedom, we MUST put the plight of our warriors at the forefront.

At the federal level, the Congress must pass legislation to end Biden’s vaccine directive. Firstly, Biden came to power illegitimately through voter fraud and should thus be opposed on all fronts. Secondly, a president’s constitutional role as commander-in-chief when war has been declared does not override Congress’ proper authority to structure the nature and proceedings of our armed forces. Congress has the power to protect our military and must do so now.

Because communist Democrats presently control Congress just as they do the White House, it is incumbent upon free states like Florida to act where the federal government refuses to.

Here is what Florida can do: The legislature must pass, and the governor must sign, legislation ensuring that the Sunshine State will help members of the U.S. Military discharged for their refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine by finding them a position with equivalent pay, skill set, and benefits in the Florida National Guard, civil service, or private sector.

This would both protect the wellbeing of our men and women in uniform and greatly strengthen Florida’s defense forces at a perilous time when the military leadership coming out of D.C. can’t be trusted.

Let’s take our nation back.


Kind regards,

Luis Miguel, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida
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