PoliticsWhy Trump Should Declare a National Emergency

January 8, 2019

Tonight, President Trump will address the nation on the subject of the immigration crisis at the Southern border.

Many are wondering whether he will use the opportunity to declare the crisis a national emergency, thereby allowing him to build a wall without a provision of funds by Congress.

Should the president do it? Absolutely.

It is completely within the his authority as commander-in-chief to construct a physical barrier to protect the states from invasion. And protecting the states from invasion is a duty of the federal government, as found in Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion … .”

There’s no doubt that an invasion is precisely what is occurring at the US-Mexico border. A caravan tens-of-thousands strong using force to enter our country without legal authorization—what else would you call it?

If we do not turn away the caravan, the problem will only worsen. Other caravans from various Central American countries are already being organized.

Even without the heightened migration flow from the caravan, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into the country. In fiscal year 2018, ICE caught 158,581 illegals crossing the Southwest border between legal ports of entry. Just imagine how many weren’t caught.

No matter what measure you use, that number of foreign nationals entering our country is bad for our people.

Criminals, terrorists, and drug dealers are coming in. Working Americans, including the young, are losing employment opportunities. The tax burden is becoming harder on citizens as illegals use welfare, our public schools, and our hospitals. The quality of our education system is going down.

Moreover, America’s demographics and culture are radically shifting. People who do not share our lineage, know our history and language, or care for our culture, values, way of life, or system of government, are gradually taking over this country.

The elites who control both party knows this. That’s why the establishment-funded radical, communist, socialist left has always pushed for this current condition of virtual open borders.

It’s clear these migrants will never assimilate into limited government conservatives. History tells us large groups of people do not assimilate. Did the British colonists assimilate into Indian culture. Did the Texians assimilate into Mexico?

Look what happened in each case: The Indians were totally displaced and the Texians declared themselves independent of Mexico once they became demographically dominant. The very same thing will happen to the United States if the current situation continues.

The globalists and leftists know the Latin American migrants will happily vote socialism into power. Mass migration is the primary mechanism by which the American Republic will be destroyed and a socialist totalitarian state put in its place.

This is a national emergency if there ever was one. If Congress refuses to appropriate funds for a wall, President Trump not only has the justification to act. He has a moral obligation to do so.

We need the wall. And no, not a fence. A fence is what we have had all these years and it is clearly insufficient.

If President Trump does not get the wall built, by national emergency or otherwise, America as we know it will be gone in a generation. In the end, the new “Americans” probably won’t even keep the name.

by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida

Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 20