Second Amendment

I will stand for nothing less than Constitutional Carry for every Floridian. The Constitution is the only permit needed to keep and bear arms. If you want to open or conceal carry, that is your right and you shouldn’t need the government’s permission.

To protect the people’s Second Amendment rights, I will introduce legislation to:

  • Repeal Florida’s prohibition on militias. The Second Amendment enshrines the role of militias (which are by nature private citizens, not government military forces); citizens have the right to protect cities from domestic terrorism such as BLM and Antifa.
  • Nullify all state and federal restrictions on what types of firearms, ammunition, capacity, and accessories (e.g. bump stocks, suppressors, bulletproof vests) a citizen can purchase or sell. The citizens should have access to all of the same weapons that the government has.
  • Nullify the NFA.
  • Repeal Florida’s Red Flag Law, which allows the government to confiscate Floridians’ firearms without a shred of due process.
  • Prohibit entry to Florida for agents from ATF and any other federal agency that seeks to take away our guns.
  • Eliminate state age restrictions on what types of weapons an adult under 21 can purchase.
Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 20