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March 2, 2022

March 2, 2022

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Republican State House candidate releases plan to purge Florida of all Chinese communist influence

Luis Miguel (R-St. Augustine), a Republican candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 19 (the area that will become District 20 under the new redistricting map), has released a six-point plan aimed at eliminating all aspects of the Chinese Communist Party’s economic and social influence in the Sunshine State.

Miguel first proposes permanently barring all Chinese nationals (except for American citizens and legal U.S. permanent residents) from holding any business interest—such as real estate, agriculture, land, stocks, and equity—in Florida. He notes that this prohibition would not apply to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

Miguel says the CCP is taking advantage of current law to move many of their controlled corporations onto American soil, having them pose as private immigrant-run businesses. For example, in Fellsmere, CCP-affiliated investors recently funneled $16 million into 100 acres under the guise of aquaculture. In Florida at large, the CCP poured at least $30 million into Charter Schools. [1]

Second, Miguel is also in favor of prohibiting Flordians from holding any interests in CCP-run firms. Under his proposal, the penalties for such business dealings would be harsher for current and former elected officials who have direct or indirect business dealings with the CCP. Miguel says this would stop China from owning American politicians via unethical financial entanglements.

Third, Miguel wants to make it a crime for Florida-based journalists and media companies to take part in events sponsored by the CCP and Chinese state-affiliated news organizations. As a correspondent for The New American magazine, Miguel has written extensively about several former CNN contributors who have obtained jobs directly working for CCP propaganda outlets. [2]

Fourth, Miguel wants to likewise ban current and former political officeholders from attending functions sponsored by Chinese state-linked entities. Miguel has previously covered news that a number of current and former American elected officials have participated in trips to China paid for by a foundation tied to the CCP. [3]

Fifth, Miguel’s anti-CCP plan calls for a ban on Florida universities from enrolling students or hiring professors that are Chinese nationals (and not U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents). This would stop Chinese professors from indoctrinating American students and end the status quo in which China sends its students to U.S. universities in order to bring back American knowledge and thus erode the United States’ intellectual competitive advantage.

Finally, Miguel supports deregulating and de-taxing Florida’s manufacturing industry, which would make the state more self-sufficient and thus drastically reduce the need for imports from communist China, which notably uses child and slave labor. 

Miguel says that all these points, when taken together, would further cement the Sunshine State as the bastion of freedom it has become in the past few years. Florida leading the way in standing up to the CCP, he notes, would send a strong message to the genocidal regime that no matter how hard it tries, it cannot infiltrate and subvert our great American nation.

Luis Miguel faces three-term incumbent Bobby Payne in the August 23 Republican Primary. The new district Miguel hopes to represent will include Putnam County, along with portions of St. Johns, Clay, and Marion counties.

The ruling totalitarian Communist Chinese Party (CCP), under leader Xi Jinping, is currently engaged in extensive human rights violations, including the genocide and internment of the Uyghur Muslim ethnic group in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Joe Biden infamously used the phrase “culturally there are different norms” when describing the genocide a year ago. 

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by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida
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