AnnouncementnewsPro-Trump Florida Patriot Luis Miguel Launches Senate Primary Challenge Against Marco Rubio

February 12, 2021

St. Augustine, Florida — Luis Miguel, a North Florida-based conservative writer, activist, and Republican Party official, has officially entered the 2022 GOP primary race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Marco Rubio.

Miguel, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, is known for his extensive writings for a national audience at the The New American magazine’s print and online platforms, covering a wide variety of subjects that includes the Deep State, globalism, mass migration, communist subversion in government, and vote fraud in the 2020 election.

Due to his articles and insights, Miguel has regularly been tapped to speak on a host of conservative radio programs, including Bill Martinez Live, The Daily Review With Keith Hanson, and Focus Today With Perry Atkinson.

At the local level, Miguel has been active in the St. Johns County Republican Party; he was elected District Chair and appointed Communications Director, serving in those capacities through the 2020 cycle. He has been involved with a number of local conservative groups, such as the St. Augustine Tea Party and St. Johns County Young Republicans.

Miguel gained notoriety among the North Florida far-left after he helped organize several protests and counter protests that saw large numbers of conservative patriots—in some cases totaling hundreds of participants—standing off against progressive groups that at times included Antifa and members of other armed left-wing organizations.

According to his website, the political atmosphere surrounding these events fueled his decision to run for the senate seat.

“Thanks to the strong patriot turnout, there was no burning, looting, or formation of ‘autonomous zones’ in our neighborhoods,” Miguel’s site reads, adding:

During these experiences, however, Luis discovered that virtually all elected officials at every level of local, state, and federal government turned a blind eye to the cause of the Florida patriots, even though most of these elected officials were Republicans.


The complicity of most Republicans in the theft of the 2020 presidential election only cemented Luis’ frustration in the political class and confirmed his conviction that a new generation of leaders is needed—not government insiders, but real Americans from every walk of life who are willing to fight for this country without regard to political correctness or slanted coverage from the likes of CNN and The New York Times.

Miguel considers himself a Trump Republican and a constitutionalist who believes in vastly reducing the size and power of the federal government, returning the American republic to the vision conceived by the Founding Fathers while ensuring that cornerstone constitutional rights—such as the First and Second Amendments—are protected against a growing Big Brother State.

Unlike the Republican Establishment, Miguel says, he understands that America must be more forceful in combating the foreign and domestic enemies that seek to destroy our way of life.

“RINOs like Marco Rubio have for years stood by and done nothing while Big Tech silences our voices; while Marxists indoctrinate our children in public schools; while our religious liberties are eroded; while our historical monuments are torn down; while the unborn continue to be murdered in the womb; while China buys up America by the pound; while our country is overrun by illegal immigration,” Miguel says.

“It’s time for a new wave of statesmen,” he adds. “Ones who are willing to fight. When do you hear Rubio and other members of the Establishment muster the courage to name George Soros? Or to speak out against their friends on Wall Street who are bankrolling the socialist agenda? They’re afraid to take a stand because they’re entirely owned by these interests.

“If we want to see real change, we can’t keep drawing from the same Establishment well and hoping for different results every election year. Removing an incumbent like Rubio isn’t enough if his replacement is cut from the same cloth. We need elected officials who, like Donald Trump, come from outside the corrupt system. My allegiance is to the hardworking families on Main Street, not Wall Street.”

As the son of immigrants raised in a bilingual household, Miguel believes he can bring more minorities into the Republican tent without sacrificing the party’s conservative principles. As a 29-year-old millenial, he also says he can appeal to younger voters.

Luis Miguel lives in St. Johns County with his wife and three children.


by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida
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