PoliticsLuis Miguel Investigates Whistleblower Lawyer’s Creepy Social Media History

November 13, 2019

Mark Zaid, attorney for the whistleblower, has a YouTube channel in which he “liked” videos of young Disney Channel stars.

See the web archive in case Zaid decides to delete the account or unlike the videos.

mark zaid youtube channel liked disney girls

The YouTube channel’s “Liked” videos include one titled “The 10 prettiest disney channel stars” and another titled “Selena Gomez from child to women.”

mark zaid disney channel youtube closeup

A close look removes any doubt that the YouTube channel does indeed belong to Zaid. The channel shares the same handle as Zaid’s verified Twitter account and used to be linked to from his primary website under a section that read “To watch a sample of Mark’s media appearances, click here.”

That link was scrubbed after Washington Times journalist Douglas Ernst asked Zaid about it, but is still viewable on the internet archive.

Zaid’s other website, a blog that opposes allegedly “unfair competition by Trump International Hotel,” still has a link to the YouTube channel in question as of the publishing of this article (see also the internet archive in case he later deletes it).

mark zaid website 2

Zaid also has a history of questionable tweets.

In one tweet, he said he has gotten security clearances for people with “child porn issues.”


In a tweet from August of this year, Zaid said it would be “probably a good thing” to be associated with deceased sexual abuser and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


Zaid has also expressed his love for Disney on Twitter on more than one occasion. In one instance, he shared photos of himself alone at a Disney theme park with the caption “One does not need kids to be all the Disney one needs and wants to be.”


Mark Zaid may be representing the whistleblower, but has the whistle been blown on him instead?

by Luis Miguel

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