AnnouncementBreaking: Luis Miguel Announces Candidacy for State House

January 17, 2022

January 17, 2022

My fellow Floridians,

I am excited to announce a new stage in the fight to reclaim our republic. Today, I officially announce my candidacy for Florida’s State House of Representatives, District 19.

I expect this news will surprise many who have been following my candidacy to primary Marco Rubio in the 2022 U.S. Senate race. 

I have come to the determination, after much prayer and intense analysis of the political situation facing us—one I’ve gained insight into during my extensive travels throughout the state—that the great issues and questions that confront us must be resolved at the state level. Not in the U.S. Senate, not in Congress, not in Washington, D.C.

Washington can’t bring about the solutions. It’s not just broken. It is the problem. It has become the epicenter of a tyrannical system whose entire purpose is to enslave the people of all 50 states, to destroy our God-given rights and liberties.

The money and the corruption in D.C. run so deep that even President Donald Trump was unable to drain the swamp. The globalist Deep State took him out in a coup, in a color revolution—thereby destroying what little legitimacy was left in the federal government.

This is all because Washington is not merely controlled by wealthy seditionists from our country. The uber wealthy globalist powers from corners of the world have their talons sunk into the country’s capital and are using it as their launch pad to divide up America and sell it to the highest bidder.

The swamp cannot be drained from the inside. The change has to come from the outside. It has to come from the states reclaiming their rightful freedom as enshrined in the Constitution.

The state of Florida, and every other free state must take a stand and refuse to allow itself to be oppressed by this regime any longer. They must nullify all unconstitutional policies coming out of Washington and take actions within their own borders to save this nation—not waiting around for the federal government to act.

We must keep Florida free. Because we have become a bastion of liberty, we now have a target on our back. Believe me when I say that Florida will now be under an unprecedented assault by forces seeking to overthrow our way of life. For starters, what they did to President Trump they will try to do to Gov. DeSantis.

I’m not going to let them have their way. I won’t let the Republic of Florida fall to the workers of darkness. And the place to carry that torch is right here. Not off in D.C., but right here among our own people.

My vision for Florida includes many goals that must be accomplished from our state legislature. As a member of the Florida House, I will lead the charge to break up the teachers unions and restore parental rights. I will take on Big Pharma to ensure medical freedom and the rights of patients.

I will further secure our elections by championing statewide audits and the removal of all Dominion and Smartmatic machines.

We will abolish abortion, have constitutional carry, repeal the state’s red flag law, free the January 6 prisoners being held in state, and end all illegal immigration in our state.

I also want to free Florida small business owners of the taxes, fees and regulations that are killing them. I have a vision of Florida becoming the world leader in manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, and technological innovation.

I encourage you to read my Agreement to Florida below, where you will find my other policy priorities.

If you’re ready to usher in a new birth of freedom and prosperity, stand with me in this fight.


Luis Miguel, Republican Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 19

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Luis Miguel’s Agreement to Florida

Fellow Floridians,

I, Luis Miguel, vow in this agreement to you that if I am voted into the Florida House of Representatives by the People of Florida, I will introduce legislation to:

*Apprehend and remove illegal aliens in Florida, eliminate all incentives to illegal migration, mandate E-verify, and establish criminal penalties for those who aid and abet illegals.

*Drain the swamp, shut down the Deep State, and end the influence of seditionists like George Soros, including by sanctioning and prosecuting them.

*Enact terrorist designations for Antifa and other violent organizations in order to dismantle them.

*Further secure our elections, including by having a statewide audit and by outlawing fraud-enabling technologies like Dominion and Smartmatic.

*Prevent COVID-type overreach from ever happening again, including by taking on Big Pharma, banning requirements of ANY vaccine for work or school, and prohibiting forced closures of businesses and churches.

*Restore Parental Rights, including by breaking up the teachers unions and ensuring school choice.

*Protect Florida’s children with criminal penalties for educators and others who push transgenderism, pornography and sexual grooming on minors.

*Preserve our cultural and historical monuments, including those honoring fallen Confederate soldiers.

*Prevent Communist China and other bad actors from owning any stake in Florida’s economy or society.

*Keep corrupt federal agents out of Florida, ban the arrest of D.C. protesters and free Jan. 6 prisoners being held in our state.

*Lift up our small businesses by eliminating the fees, regulations, and taxes stifling their growth.

*Make Florida the leader in manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, and technological innovation.

*Further rein in Big Tech and end the leftist indoctrination on K-12 and college campuses.

*Safeguard the 2nd Amendment with Constitutional Carry.

*Stop the overdevelopment that threatens our way of life.

*Fight back against the illegitimate Biden regime and nullify all unconstitutional laws, executive orders, and court rulings to come out of Washington.

*End human trafficking.

*Unconditionally abolish abortion.

Luis Miguel
Republican Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 19

by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida
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