newsPoliticsWATCH: Luis Miguel Calls For Free Cuba, Calls Out Rubio For Enabling Communism

July 16, 2021

Fellow Patriots,

I, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Luis Miguel, declare that I stand with the people of Cuba as they take to the streets to reassert their God-given freedom against the country’s communist regime. I also take aim at RINOs like Marco Rubio, who condemns Cuba’s police state policies while supporting those same policies right here in America.


Rubio sponsored Red Flag Law gun confiscation and praised the arrest of patriots related to the Jan 6 FBI false flag. My opponent also supports the surveillance state. He has sponsored legislation that would strengthen the Patriot Act, FISA, and other unconstitutional measures that allow the federal government to spy on the American people. His actions make it clear that he wants America to become the exact type of socialist police state that the Cuban people are suffering under right now.

I vow to fight against that! Through the power of God and the power of the people, we will push back against the Establishment Globalists in Washington, D.C., and restore American liberties.


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by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida
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