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June 14, 2021

On June 1, 2021, the “Biden-Harris” administration rescinded President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Migrant Protection Protocols required immigrants seeking citizenship to wait in their country of origin. With this policy now gone, things are set to get worse. The border crisis was initially fueled by Biden’s campaign promise and executive order that no new deportations would take place for 100 days. Even though a federal judge barred the enforcement of the order, non-U.S. citizens accepted the invitation.

Catch and release is back—illegal alien apprehensions are at record numbers. In May alone, 180,000 immigrants went to holding facilities. This surpassed the 100,000 in February and 150,000 in March; it is now estimated that the number of immigrants entering will reach 1 million as FY21 comes to an end. May’s numbers marked a 674% increase in crossings over the past year.

In an attempt to change the optics of an overcrowded border, Biden’s team has been shipping Mexican citizens across the nation.

How is the problem being dealt with?

Due to the current administration’s lack of action, Governor Abbott of Texas declared a state of emergency.

Kamala Harris (who Biden appointed to oversee the crisis) still has yet to visit the Southern Border. Harris has not given a definite answer on when she will go there to better understand the issue. Rather, she laughs at the question when asked.

The second in command of the executive branch instead took a trip to Guatemala where she told citizens “don’t come.” She claimed that doing so helped her “understand the root causes.” On arrival, however, protesters flashed signs that read “mind your own business,” “stop funding criminals,” and “Kamala, Trump won.”

Our officials simply don’t care.

Democrats (and even many Republicans) haven’t prioritized this issue. Instead, the left believes the greatest threats to our country are climate change and white supremacy. Their rhetoric isn’t spoken out of ignorance, though. With more immigration comes more electoral votes and additional seats in Congress for blue states. The establishment wants more migration into the states and will all but invite immigrants to do so.

They pretend to care about these people while treating them as pawns. President Trump stopped the issue through his policy, but Biden’s team is now re-opening the cages built under Obama to increase capacity. Children are now voyaging through hundreds of miles of desert. Human trafficking by violent gangs and coyotes has increased. The facilities at the border are well over their capacities. Border patrol even rescued a baby thrown into the Rio Grande.

RINOs like Marco Rubio are proposing nothing to put an end to the madness. Seeing as he co-sponsored the “Gang of Eight” bill which “would have sharply increased future low-skill immigration,” it’s unlikely that he truly cares.

What can we, the American people, do?

Rubio won’t cut it—liberty-minded Floridians need new representation in the Senate. Luis Miguel wants to strengthen our border and end the government benefits for illegal aliens that incentivize them to stay. Help Luis primary Rubio so that he can lead the charge in saving America!


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