This isn’t immigration. This is an invasion. I stand against Biden and the Democrats’ open border policies.

I will fight to secure our future with a Florida repatriation program that:

  • Detains illegal aliens and swiftly sends them back. If the federal government won’t do it, we will.
  • Makes E-Verify mandatory for all employers in Florida.
  • Penalizes employers, lawyers, NGOs, and non-profits that aid illegal immigrants in breaking the law. This includes criminal penalties for the transportation companies that bus and fly illegals in under Biden’s orders.
  • Ensures prison sentences for seditionist politicians or police who refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement. If shielding an illegal alien leads to the death of an American, the responsible public official will face the death penalty.
  • Bans illegal aliens from enrolling in Florida public schools.
  • Establishes heavy fines for those who rent lodging to illegal aliens.
  • Cuts off any and all welfare for those in the country illegally.
  • Ends worker visas in every industry, including bans H-1B and H-2A visas for Florida employers. These jobs must rightfully go to Floridians, not foreign nationals.
Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 20