PoliticsEnd Illegal Immigration Before it Ends America

November 16, 2018

We know immigration is the most pressing issue in America today.

With well over 12,000 migrants gathering at the Southern border to force their way into the United States, NOW is the time for Americans decide whether they have the courage to do what it takes to protect their homeland.

Members of the migrant caravan from Honduras have shown they are willing to use force to fend off the law enforcement of the Latin Americans countries they have passed through on their trek.

Are Americans also willing to use force to keep an obvious invasion from crossing the border?

Because there’s no doubt about it: This is an invasion if there ever was one.

How else do you characterize a thousands-strong group of military-age men from a foreign country using violence to forcefully settle our land?

Are there some women and children among them? Yes. So what?

Read history. From the Germanic barbarian tribes sacking Rome to the Mongols making war on China, do you think invading forces of the past didn’t have women and children among them?

Does the presence of women and children mean we’re going to roll over and let a foreign army have their way with our country?

Of course not. It’s time to act. President Trump has signaled he’s meet force with force, and has stationed troops on the border. Let’s hope he isn’t bluffing.

Congress will stand idly by and do nothing. The Democrat takeover of the House will only give amnesty-loving RINO senators further excuse to let the status quo stand.

In fact, we need to be extremely careful about Republicans and Democrats teaming up to pass amnesty now that Democrats are soon to hold the House. Continue pressuring your representatives to vote down any proposed amnesty.

Because Congress will remain inert as far as cracking down on illegal immigration, it’s up to the states to take action. Specifically, red states.

Local and state officials are more prone to listening to their constituents. They’re closer to the people.

So while we may not be able to achieve significant immigration legislation on a national level, we can do it state-by-state. Blue states will keep welcoming illegal aliens, but at least we can keep red states red—putting a halt to the political transformation currently taking place in formerly solid-red states like Texas and Arizona.

If you live in a Republican-controlled state, especially one in which the GOP holds both legislative houses and the governorship, this is the legislation you need to tell your state representative and state senator to support immediately:

  • Statewide ban on sanctuary cities
  • Prison sentences for sanctuary city politicians
  • Prison sentences for employers who hire illegal aliens
  • Prison sentences for officials who interfere with immigration enforcement
  • Prison sentences for activists and lawyers who support illegal aliens
  • A ban on any and all government benefits for illegal aliens
  • A ban on enrollment of illegal aliens at public schools
  • A ban on organizations that advocate on behalf of illegal immigration
  • Regular ICE visits to welfare centers, schools, jails, prisons, and workplaces

Fixing the immigration issue calls for toughness—more toughness than politicians have thus far wanted to stomach.

But if this isn’t nipped in the bud now, America as we know it will not survive. Shifting demographics will make the Republican party unelectable. At that point, conservatism, limited government, constitutionalism, capitalism, Christianity, and everything else the right values will go out the window.

High crime, high poverty, socialism, big central government, and anti-white identity politics will be the norm.

Now is the time. Are you willing to fight?

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by Luis Miguel

Candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 20. #FightForFlorida

Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 20